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In the preliminary design phase we evaluate the site's potential and discuss the owners desired uses for the property. We consider elements such as topography, views (both desired and those to screen), solar orientation, prevailing winds, uses/character of adjoining properties and other criteria common to all landscaping projects. However, the high altitude environment in which we live imposes additional unique design considerations. We need to take in to account alpine soil types, snow removal and storage, freezing temperatures, short growing seasons and much more.
Once the development site has been thoroughly evaluated, a preliminary landscape plan is generated to illustrate the desired concepts and results. The preliminary landscape design concepts are reviewed by the client and massaged until the desired outcome is achieved.
Not all landscape designers are contractors and not all landscape contractors are designers. Being a design/build operation, the Great Outdoors Landscape Company offers a continuity and thoroughness from one phase to the next that is hard to match. Another advantage to utilizing a design/build company is that we can go directly from the preliminary landscape design phase to the construction phase. For most single family residential landscape projects we do not need to take the time to generate construction documentation or working drawings.

**Construction documents are available as needed depending on the projects size and complexity**

Construction Documentation

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